• Is COVID-19 Affecting The Real Estate Market?

    Are you considering buying a home but not sure if it is the right time due to COVID-19? If so, it helps to know how it is actually affecting the real estate market so you can know if it's a good time to buy or not. The Interest Rates One big factor when it comes to buying a home is what the current interest rates are. After all, you do not want to buy a home when interest rates are high and then have them fall soon after you make a purchase.
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  • 4 Things To Consider When Apartment Hunting As A Cat Owner

    When you first moved into the place that you are living in, you may not have been a cat owner. However, you may now own several cats that you want to provide an excellent home to. While focusing on what your cats need will help, you should also consider other important details. By making certain demands, you can feel confident about choosing a unit to live in with your cats.
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