You Can Totally Choose A Home Based On Internet Service

Posted on: 12 January 2018


Houses are important investments, but some people have different ideas of what matters in life. For some, being near a good school district is good. For others, being near work or good nightlife is great. For others, it's just about having decent internet and neighbors who aren't annoying. Here are a few survey points to keep in mind as you look for a single family home for sale that fits what you actually want, not just what a homeowner should want.

Finding Internet That Isn't Garbage

The first week of moving into a new home is full of great aspirations and glorious comfort as long as everything goes well. It's the time where you can take in the reality of your new home and hopefully only find a few minor problems with the actual building.

Then the internet sucks, or the internet installation is late. To some, it's a petty concern. To others, it's a nightmare scenario. Some people need the internet to work, while others need Netflix and Hulu in their lives. Others just prefer to browse and communicate with the web.

To avoid the drama of bad internet, it's not difficult to plan your service along with your home. You don't have to turn down an otherwise perfect building with all of your aesthetic and security options available, since internet choice is an issue of neighborhoods.

Figure out which services are available at the address before moving in. Contact the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and ask about the exact house number, then search for a few local comments on the service.

It's important to note local comments here. If you're in Miami, FL, it doesn't matter what someone in Jacksonville, FL has to say about a national company's service. It's especially less important across state lines. 

Should business experience be uniform across companies? Yes. Is it? Not even close. Figure out how the locals feel about your city or town's internet and work from there.

Noise Pollution 

Loud neighbors and roads can be hard to figure out before you move in. For some, it's an issue of anxiety; is it okay to lurk around a neighborhood if you don't live there yet?

The answer is yes. If it bothers you to hang around an area to get a feel for it before you move, go with a real estate agent the first time. Introduce yourself to prospective neighbors, store owners, local law enforcement, and ask them questions about the neighborhood while giving a good, verifiable reason for being in the area.

If you're bold and ready to explore no matter what, make sure to go at different hours of the day. The morning, noon, evening, night, and even the middle of the night can be checked on different days. Check the weekends as well to figure out if some party people have odd shifts, and figure out how much that matters for your potential home.

Contact a real estate agent to set up an interview and to start surveying the area for your needs.