Tips to Help Choose the Right Mountain Property

Posted on: 21 March 2022


Buying your own home, especially one located on a mountain property will give you fresh air, beautiful vistas, and life away from the busy city. If you want to start the next part of your life and live on a mountain property, make sure you evaluate all aspects of the decision to find the best home and land available. The following details provide you with some information to help in your search for a mountain property.

Consider the Drive

The location of your mountain property is one of the most important details, as it provides you with the quiet environment and nature's beauty that you want in a home. Look at how far from the nearest town the property is. This detail can affect how long it will take you to travel to the nearest town for items, such as groceries, gas, or medical care if you get sick or injured. 

Evaluate the nearest town and consider the businesses and services that it has. Will you be able to get quality health care in town or will you need to travel further for routine checkups or emergency after-hour care? Look at the type of grocery stores there or if there is only a convenience shop located with the fuel station, for example. 

Look at Maintenance Needs

Some mountain properties are accessible all year long, but others may not be, leaving you away from your property for several weeks or months at a time. If you choose not to hunker down on your mountain property for the winter, look at how you will take care of the property's maintenance while you are away. You will need to winterize your home's plumbing lines and protect the interior from damage from the cold. Plan to winterize it before you leave in the fall, then properly clean out all chemicals from the water lines when you return in the spring.

Living in a mountain region can bring with it a number of wild animals and pests that may try to make a home in your mountain home property. Look at what you will need to do to protect against pest damage with pest control and protection of barriers along the door frames and the fireplace opening, as examples. 

If you plan to stay in your mountain property during the winter, you will likely need to arrange for snow removal on the walkways and access roads. If you have a snow shovel, this alone may not be enough to keep up with the snow removal. You may also want to invest in a bobcat with a snow removal blade, or a snowplow attached to a pickup truck. If you have your own private road from the main city road to your property, plan to handle snow clearing and management on this stretch of access so you can get to and from home whenever necessary.