4 Things To Consider When Apartment Hunting As A Cat Owner

Posted on: 11 September 2020


When you first moved into the place that you are living in, you may not have been a cat owner. However, you may now own several cats that you want to provide an excellent home to. While focusing on what your cats need will help, you should also consider other important details. By making certain demands, you can feel confident about choosing a unit to live in with your cats.


As soon as you start looking at apartments, you will start to see different fees associated with cats. For instance, you will find refundable deposits, nonrefundable fees, and monthly rent. This makes it essential to pay close attention to all the fees to help you stay within your budget.

While looking at all the details, you should also consider the possibility that monthly rent may end up costing less than nonrefundable fees after a 12-month lease. If you plan on staying in a unit for longer than a year, you may want to prioritize apartments with one-time fees over rent.


Keeping your cats entertained is something that you can accomplish in many ways, but you should not underestimate the ability of an apartment to provide entertainment on its own. This makes it worth prioritizing units with great views that your cats can look at regularly. Windows, sliding glass doors, and even enclosed balconies or patios are features that can provide views.

Litter Boxes

As an owner of multiple cats, you may understand the importance of using several litter boxes. A small apartment makes it tough to set up two or three of them because you may not have much space and the odor may linger in areas where you do not want any bad odors at all.

This makes it worth prioritizing an apartment with multiple bathrooms or even an enclosed balcony or patio where you can set up an extra litter box. If you find a unit on an upper floor, you can keep the balcony door open and give your cats constant access to another litter box.

Noise Levels

If you know that your cats get frightened of loud noises, you should spend some time within the apartment complexes that you are most interested in to determine noise levels. This will help you pick a unit that you know is quiet enough to keep your cats feeling safe and secure.

Focusing on these details will lead to renting a great apartment as a cat owner.

To learn more about your options, contact a real estate agent.