You And Your Real Estate Agent

Posted on: 21 May 2017


Once you choose your real estate agent and the time comes for you to start searching for your next house, you want to make sure the two of you are approaching things in the best manner possible. You need to establish a good relationship with your agent and make sure the two of you are on the same page with everything related to your next home. You also want to take steps to ensure that you guys are working well together. The tips in this article will help strengthen the relationship you have with your agent so you can have a more enjoyable time house hunting and possibly even find the right home faster.

Give your real estate agent a full picture of your life

Take a few extra minutes talking with your agent to give them a summary of your life. Explain an average week to them, including what you and your family like to do in your spare time and how often you generally have company. Let them know if you like to enjoy a lot of time outside barbecuing or prefer to cook lavish meals in your kitchen. The clearer picture the agent has with regards to what goes on regularly around your house, the better the chances will be of them immediately recognizing your perfect home when it comes on the market. Since getting an offer in on a home quickly can make the difference between you getting it or missing out, this is important.

Set aside an entire day to look at houses

Let your agent know what days are the best days for you to go out looking for homes and try to make it an all day thing if they are able to do this. By looking at a good number of homes in one day you will have an easier time comparing them because there will more than likely be one or two that really stand out from the rest. When looking at them all in one day, you will remember the feelings each of the homes gave you much easier. This can help you recognize the feelings of walking into THE home that may feel like the right place for you to raise your family.

Consider driving with your real estate agent

Also, consider driving with your agent to each house if they prefer. This gives you more time to talk with them and this will help them get to know you and get a sense for what works for you even more. Driving in their car also reduces the chances of you getting separated which can waste time and cause you to miss out on being able to view some homes.