The Big Deal About Tiny Homes

Posted on: 28 February 2017


Not everyone wants to live in a " mcmansion", and the trend toward downsizing our square footage has never been hotter. Tiny homes have become increasingly popular, and this housing option can be perfect for some. To learn more about the advantages of living in a small way, read on.

What is a tiny house?

Although there are no hard and fast rules concerning tiny homes, in general they tend to be between 100 and 400 square feet. Compare that to the typical home in the United States at 2600 square feet. For those who love them, the following reasons pop up.

1. The need to save some cash. While it just makes sense that a smaller home will cost less money, that is only part of the issue. For those who've made to switch, it's about changing their entire lifestyle. When you consider the domino effect of the money needed to pay for and maintain a larger dwelling, you can begin to see the tiny home movement as opening up more opportunities to purchase other things with those housing funds. For example, some people site the ability to quit their high-earning jobs and do what they really enjoy for a living instead. Others enjoy using the money saved to support a favorite cause, to fund a hobby or to present an enhanced opportunity to travel the world. Which points to the next advantage....

2. The ability to travel. Tiny homes can be towed almost anywhere, almost any time. For those who are retired or for those with ability to work from home, this means being able to indulge in their passion for travel. Imagine that you have the ability to not only visit a desirable destination, but actually become part of the community and stay there for months on end.

3. The appeal of simplifying. Having a tiny home forces people to make decisions about their possessions, and this process can be revelatory for some. Most of us have too much; too many dishes, clothes and just "stuff". In a home with only so many square feet, every object must have a good reason to be there. Of course, there's no need discard what doesn't fit, but you will need to make some hard decisions about what exactly is needed to live your life day-to-day and what can be stored away elsewhere. You may find out that downsizing to a tiny dwelling directs your focus on people instead of things.

If you think that you are ready to embrace the tiny home experience, contact a real estate agent today and explore the surprising options available for this burgeoning market. For more information, contact companies like The Home Town Team at RE/MAX Integrity.