Where To Buy A Luxury Waterfront Home With An Easy Commute To Manhattan

Posted on: 29 September 2016


If you work in Manhattan, and are in the market for a home with a view of the water, then you have lots of options. While it might sound nice to live in a high rise in Tribeca, overlooking the Hudson River, not everyone can afford to purchase a condo in Manhattan. Also, you might like a bit more space. If that's the case, then you should look outside of Manhattan. Here are three locations to consider.


Riverdale is located in The Bronx, so you will still be in New York City. However, the area is not as dense and busy as Manhattan. Riverdale is in the westernmost section of The Bronx. It overlooks the Hudson River, and also has a great view of the cliffs across the river in New Jersey. The area is very family oriented, with lots of parks and schools. You can find a house, or if you prefer a luxury condo, you also have the option of choosing a condo in one of the high rises that line central Riverdale. When it comes time to get into Manhattan, you can either take the Metro North railroad or drive down the West Side Highway. There are also express buses that make stops on Riverdale Ave and will take you into Manhattan.


If you want to have a view of the water, as well as a fantastic view of Manhattan, then look across the Hudson River to Hoboken. Located in New Jersey, Hoboken is a very cool spot if you want a luxury condo. There are lots of developments that have been built in the last few years. The area underwent a real estate boom, and many professionals that work in Manhattan ended up buying apartments there. As a result, the area has tons of hip bars, restaurants and cafes. The commute to Manhattan is not only super quick, it's also really fun. There is a ferry that travels back and forth from Hoboken to the West Side throughout the day. The trip is only 8 minutes.


If you want a big house, then look into Stamford. It's located in Connecticut and affords you a beautiful view of the Long Island Sound. The area has some amazing homes, including huge luxury mansions if you're in the market for something spectacularly large. It's got a suburban feel, so if you don't like the idea of living in a "city" environment, then Stamford is a great pick. You can get into Manhattan either by driving in on I-95, or by taking the New Haven line of the Metro North.