Tips For Selling Your Home Fast Without Making Any Expensive Home Improvements

Posted on: 29 September 2016


If you have made an offer on a new home, you'll need to sell your old home fast. If not, you'll be stuck with two mortgages until your old home is eventually sold. You may also be trying to save money by avoiding major renovations to make the home more marketable. That said, there are some cheap things you should be able to do to make a home look more appealing.

Get A Land Survey

If you want to make it easy for a potential buyer to make a decision on your home, it helps to get a land survey done. As part of the survey, you'll receive a land map with property line information that buyers can use to help speed up their decision making process.

The land survey will outline where natural features, gardens, and ponds are on the property. It will also point out any right-of-ways or easements that you have. In addition, it will provide clear insight to where electrical, water, and power lines are located, which will assist a buyer with any potential future development that they want to do.

Plant Trees on Your Property

Natural landscaping, like trees, can provide two benefits to your home. It will not only raise the value of your home by as much as 20%, but it will greatly improve the curb appeal. Potential buyers like the benefits that trees provide, such as providing shade which can cut back on their energy bills.

Plant deciduous trees, which are trees that have larger leaves in the summer, to provide shade. During the winter, they lose the leaves on the branches to let the sun warm up the home. Trees can be planted near porches and windows that get a lot of direct light from the sun, and near your air conditioner's condenser to help it stay cool. Keep the maximum size of the tree in mind when selecting its placement, so you can make sure it is the proper distance away from the home.

Remove Personalization

Many buyers can have trouble envisioning themselves in your home if you still have all your stuff out. It helps to put away anything that personalizes your space so that a buyer is not distracted by it. It may even help to go as far as painting the walls to remove bold colors you selected, and replacing them with a neutral tone.

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