Looking For A Starter Home? Pick A House That's Sellable

Posted on: 31 March 2016


If you're ready to invest in your first home and you don't think it will be your forever home, you want to make a good investment. There are features worth paying for and others that aren't, since you'll have to resell the property some day in the future. People are going to care about the structural details of the home and the location, more than they care about some of the decorative materials. Here are a few things to tell your real estate agent you want when looking at homes for sale

Good School District

Areas will get popular and fade in interest over time, but areas that consistently have school districts are always going to be a prime target for families or people that want to have kids. It's worth paying higher taxes to get in an area that has a good school district, because it's going to make your property much more marketable in the future.

Require 2 Bathrooms

For your own convenience, and for the resale potential, you want to purchase a home that has at least two bathrooms. The master bedroom having its own bath is ideal, and having a separate shower for guests is great. When you go to market your home, having two full baths is going to be a key listing feature for the property.

A Big Yard

A recent study shows that first time homebuyers are looking for a yard, and potentially a pool, rather than having a garage. Since you'll most likely be targeting your home to first time home buyers like yourself when you go to move out, you will want to have what they are looking for. Tell the agent you would like to get as much property as you can with your budget, and to look for properties with deep lots.

You can easily change all of the details that catch the eye, like the flooring, fixtures or appliances, but all of these details are going to unchangeable as time goes on. You want the first home that you buy to be a great investment, instead of a house that you get stuck with when you are ready to move on to bigger and better real estate options. Choose a house that you can put some work into to make it modern and visually appealing, but make sure that it has the structural details that make it sellable in the future.