Listing Your Home For Sale? Five Great Tips For Getting The Inside Ready

Posted on: 31 March 2016


If you've started thinking, "It's time to list my home," there are a few things you have to do is get the house ready for potential buyers to view. When doing this, it's important to think about what a buyer will find appealing when looking at a home and wondering if it could be theirs.

You will likely clean or replace carpets, make sure curtains and drapes are clean and in good repair, and keep the house as spotless as possible. Here are some other tips to help make your home attractive to the eyes of buyers.


Many buyers consider the kitchen to be the most important room in a house. Those that are putting all their money into buying a home may not be able to remodel. If that's the case, the kitchen with its many built-in cabinets and appliances is going to have to suit their tastes and needs. Here are things you can do to help:

  • Keep the colors in your kitchen neutral.
  • Paint cabinets if applicable, and keep cabinets clean both inside and out.
  • Replace cabinet door knobs if needed. New knobs can give a fresh new look to older cabinets.
  • Appliances should be in good repair and clean.
  • Counters and other surfaces should be kept clean and as clear as possible. Keep only necessities out on the counters. The less clutter, the better.


Your bathrooms should be kept neat, clean and as bright as possible.

  • Let any and all natural light into bathrooms.
  • Towels should be clean and neatly hung.
  • Keep counters clean and clear. Remove make-up, toiletries, and other items that don't have to be on the counter.

Remove Unnecessary Furniture

Make the rooms in your house look as large as possible by removing clutter. If you have furniture causing clutter, it's best to move it to a storage space. Pick up knick knacks, or other items that may give the room a less streamlined look.


Depersonalizing your home is the hard part. However, if you think of things from the buyer's point of view, they want to see if this is a home they can live in. The vision they need is going to be difficult to achieve if they are bombarded with your personal items.

  • Take down the majority of your family pictures. This doesn't mean you have to remove all of them if you feel safe having them up. However, it's best to keep them at a minimum.
  • Remove awards, certificates, and other personal achievements that you have out.
  • Look at each room and see what you can do to neutralize it. This may mean painting a neutral color, toning down a particular décor, or removing decorations that may not appeal to everyone.

Think about model homes and how they are decorated.

Tidy Up Daily

While you will want your home to be clean for showings, don't forget to tidy up too. This means picking up after yourself and your family at least once a day. You don't want someone to show up and have to wade through your children's toys or other mess.

These tips should help you be on your way to preparing your home to be shown.