Increasing The Appeal Of A Home For Sale By Tantalizing The Senses

Posted on: 30 March 2016


If you have a home on the market, your main objective is most likely to sell it promptly at the price you want. Most homeowners will clean the interior of a home as well as make some repairs or small changes to the overall appearance in an attempt to make it more attractive to prospective buyers. Consider making some enhancements to your home by engaging the senses, subtly helping to increase the appeal of the structure as a result.

Add Some Pleasing Scents

Often, the first impression a prospective buyer will get of a home is the odor they smell when they walk through the door. Every home has a distinctive odor depending on the activities and habits the inhabitants have had throughout the years. To make your home smell pleasing, light scented candles and use potpourri baskets in comforting fragrances. Select a theme such as baked goods or outdoor fragrances and match the candle scent to the potpourri scent so the smells do not conflict. If you would rather stay away from artificial scents, consider baking cookies and brewing coffee right before a showing is scheduled. These can be served to the guests as well.

Decrease Clutter To Improve Appearance

Instead of having several pieces of furniture and knickknacks in each room of your home, organize the areas so there are fewer personal belongings and more wall and floor space to notice. This will let potential buyers focus on the home itself rather than your accumulated collections. If necessary, rent a storage unit to hold some of the items until you are able to move them to a new home.

Add Texture To Increase Comfort Levels

If a prospective buyer sees a room with bland chairs or sofas in drab colors, they will be more apt to think the home is uncared for because of the lack of appeal in the choice of furniture. Increase the feeling of warmth and comfort by adding texture with the cloth items of your living space. A knit blanket in a pleasing shade can be draped over a boring piece of furniture to make it feel more inviting. Add a fuzzy pillow, velvety sofa covering, or lace tablecloths to add a bit of character to a boring area.

Use Pleasing Sounds To Relax

Having music playing when a potential buyer comes for a showing is a great way to instantly calm them when they walk through the door. Make sure the sound is at a low volume so it does not overwhelm the observer, but rather gives them a sense of calm to enjoy. Music will remove awkward silence as the potential buyer walks through the area, allowing them to feel more at ease as they consider your luxury home for sale.